Clown Shoes World

The world has gone completely clown shoes. Who's got the biggest clown shoes of them all?

What is Clown Shoes?

Clown Shoes is a satire about the epic clown shoes saga that has become our world.

I’m releasing a new NFT every week of the biggest clown shoe politicians on Earth. Every NFT will be individually created and 100% unique. No two will ever be alike and only one of each will ever be available. This is going to be a large body of work so stay tuned.

The embellishments are chosen and cut and pasted in a such a way to create striking “caricatures” of the target subject matter. The art is intended to be an obvious, even obnoxious exaggeration about the way the subject matter makes me feel.

I’ll be "clown-shoeing" religious zealots and talking heads in the media too. Coming soon. Thank you for visiting and sharing does not go unappreciated. I hope you enjoy this experiment as much as I do.

The Politicians

The greatest clown shoes of all.

Let’s face it, politicians are total clown shoes. They don’t work, let alone for us. All they do is divine schemes to take from people. Everything’s a con to buy time so they can figure out what we’re doing and how they can get their greedy tentacles into our private business.

Clown Shoes.

Becasue the truth is ridiculous.

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I'm a lover and a fighter.
I want to live in a pyramid.

I make art for me, but it's really for everybody.
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